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Highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2121

Catch up It’s been another fantastic event from Microsoft Ignite 2021 2021! As always there have been several great announcements about new..


Catch up 

It’s been another fantastic event from Microsoft Ignite 2021 2021! As always there have been several great announcements about new technology, direction of travel and major updates across the Microsoft landscape.  

The amount of sessions at Ignite was amazing and thankfully they are recorded and available on demand, so if you’re interested and want to find out more, give the recorded sessions a watch. Another great place for highlights is the Microsoft Ignite book of news 

I’ll be sharing my top 3 highlights from Ignite, with the 1st highlight below.  

D365 Customer Service Voice Channel 

My first, and most favourite thing, from this year’s Ignite is the news that there is now general availability for the D365 Customer Service Voice Channel!  

What?!” I hear you say, “did you not hear about all the Metaverse information, MS Loop, Teams, the Customer Experience Platform, Azure Arc, Z-Code Multilanguage, Natural Language, Azure OpenAI Service and everything AI?  

I did see all those things, and I will come to some of them later but, for years I’ve spoken to companies big and small, that really want and need a complete contact centre solution.  

This has been talked about by suppliers for years, and there have been various suppliers over that time that have claimed their solution is the complete package.  

However, when you dig into the detail you always then find the caveats and they’re usually along the lines of “once you integrate to your other systems” or “as long as you already have your phone systems installed and they’re compatible with X/Y/Z”. 

With this announcement and general availability, it’s now real, this is the COMPLETE contact centre solution, no caveats. I’ll not go into all the great things that Dynamics 365 already offers but suffice to say it’s already regularly cited as one of the best contact centre solutions so covers all the regular bases.  

The final cherry on top that we have all been waiting for has been to have a voice channel built directly into the system. No 3rd party solutions, no long integration projects, no separate systems for analytics or reporting, no interoperability issues, no separate support contracts….just everything all in one place that all just works together. Well folks, it’s landed!   

The story and information can be found here. I’m really looking forward to getting my sleeves rolled up and seeing what this can do! If its something that is of interest to you too and you want to find out more then please connect with myself or our solutions specialist Iain Kennedy. 

Interested to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment!  

Stay tuned for highlight 2 next Friday!  

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