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How to Set up Dynamics 365 Trial

Thanks for the latest Trial Setup steps!!!Reina's Teenage Dynamics 365 LearningsBeginning a trial in Dynamics 365 is useful for learning, demos and..


Thanks for the latest Trial Setup steps!!!

Reina's Teenage Dynamics 365 Learnings

Beginning a trial in Dynamics 365 is useful for learning, demos and testing out operations and applications before committing to the platform!

1. go to https://trials.dynamics.com/ >> click on Try for free.

2. Without inputting an email, click on the blue button: Start your free trial >> Then it’ll let you set up a new trial account


3. Click on Create a new account

4. Input the email you would like to use for the trial (you can use your personal or work email here)

5. click on Create new account

6. Fill in the information for part 2

7. Receive the verification code and you’re set for the trial!

Next, here are the steps to set up a trial platform within your new account

1. Once the Power Platform admin center loads, select the + New button in the top left. Name your trial to whatever you’d…

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By: Frank Lee
Title: How to: Set Up Dynamics 365 Trial
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