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Notes and links to the AZ-900 Azure basics exam

As a Microsoft CRM technical consultant/developer/architect you should have at least a basic understanding of Azure Cloud and how you can combine..


As a Microsoft CRM technical consultant/developer/architect you should have at least a basic understanding of Azure Cloud and how you can combine Dynamics 365 CE and Azure. 

Although I have been using Azure Cloud together with multiple Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement projects since 2015 I thought it was a good idea to check my overall understanding by doing the AZ-900 exam (which I passed). The exam does not cover any topics in depth but studying for it gives you a good overview and can be used as a starting point to delve deeper in specific topics;

Listed below are some of the links and resources that I used - mainly on topics where I had less hands-on experience from projects so this is definitely not an exhaustive list. 

General training material to get started
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals - start with the learning paths from Microsoft Learn on this page
  • Azure in bullet points - AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (Video) on O'Reilly Learning (subscription required) - 5 hours of training material
  • Exam AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Study Guide - YouTube playlist by @TechTrainerTim
  • Azure Tips & Tricks - great overall resource on Azure platform - probably to overwhelming as a starting point for AZ-900 but handy starting point if you are stuck on a specific topic.

Architectural components
  • Availability zones fundamentals: regions and availability zones
  • Subscriptions, licenses, accounts and tenants for Microsoft's cloud offering
  • Azure subscription - account administrators
  • Azure Resource Groups
  • Azure global infrastructure - Azure geographies

Core resources
  • Storage account overview
  • Data redundancy - Azure storage redundancy
  • App Service pricing and App Service limits
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • What is Azure backup service?
  • What is Azure Sphere?
  • What is Azure IOT Central?
  • IoT concepts and Azure IoT Hub
  • What is Azure Virtual Desktop?
  • Maintenance for virtual machines in Azure
  • Azure Disk Encryption for Windows VMs
  • Choose an Azure Compute service for your applications
Management tools
  • How to install the Azure CLI  and Install the Azure Az PowerShell module - both install on Windows, macOS, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu,etc...)
Security and identity management
  • What is Azure Active Directory?
  • What is single sign-on in Azure Active Directory?
  • What is Identity Protection?
  • What is Microsoft Defender for Identity formerly Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • Azure Network security groups
  • Azure Security Center (name changed to Microsoft Defender for Cloud) - secure your management ports with just-in-time-access
  • What is Microsoft Defender for Cloud (formerly known as Azure Security Center)?
  • How network security groups filter network traffic
  • What is Azure Firewall
  • Tutorial: Create a Site-to-Site connection in the Azure portal
  • Connect an on-premises network to a Microsoft Azure virtual network
  • What is VPN Gateway? There are different configurations available for VPN gateway connections - see Planning table to determine which  to choose
  • What is Traffic Manager?
  • Tutorial: filter inbound internet traffic with Azure Firewall policy DNAT using the Azure portal
  •  Azure DDoS protection - designing resilient solutions
  • What is defense in depth?

Governance and compliance
  • What is Azure policy?
  • Quickstart: create a policy assignment to identify non-compliant resources
  • What is Microsoft Compliance Manager?
  • Microsoft Privacy Statement, Online Service Terms and Data Protection Addendum 
  • What is Azure Blueprints?
  • What is Azure Advisor? and Reduce service costs by using Azure Advisor
  • What is Azure Cost Management + Billing?
  • Azure support plans 
  • Lock resources to prevent unexpected changes
  • What is the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure?


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