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Are MBAs Worth it for Software Sales?

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Have you ever dreamt of how it would feel to tell people you earned your masters from a prestigious university? In todays video I will answer Is an MBA worth is for software sales? Go ahead and hit the like button below if you finished finished high school. I do not have an MBA but for years I have deliberately built my personal brand and resume so that if I wanted to attend a Stanford graduate business school, I could.

First off people with MBAs are no better than you or I before every sales meeting I research the prospect on LinkedIn, I learned this lesson after speaking with a Harvard MBA, just another guy.

I go back & forth on MBAs bc the value is eroding in my option. Historically the most successful business people needed to attend the right schools to get the best jobs, that is not the case anymore with the internet. The legendary figures in business media today is not the CEO of GE or Ford, it’s the tech founders that didn’t even graduate from undergrad.

The upside to an MBA is the elevated status perception & connections, it’s hard to quantity but could be massively important. The downside of MBA is opportunity cost of not working for 2 years and cost. Depending on your goals, an MBA may be worth it but I personally could not justify going to a non-top-10 university and especially for sales it’s not needed.

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By: Trent Dressel
Title: Is An MBA Worth It For Software Sales?
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