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Is it common to be fired at tech companies

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Is it common to be fired at tech companies

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If you work in tech, this LI should be relevant to you, it says draconian PIPs are under fire, this stands for performance improvement plan. Many people are drawn to tech jobs because they present great opportunities, with this comes pressure to perform. The highest paying jobs are performance based roles, such as engineering or sales. I personally work in tech sales and there is pressure to perform, partly because my income is correlated with it and second bc lack of performance could result in being fired. Stability in life is important, which is why smashing the like button to support the channel matters.

The root issue of the LI article is employee motivation. It talks about how a number of tech companies use the PIP to push under-forming employees to do better, this is done by monitoring their work for a period of time and if set metrics aren’t met, they are let go. We are starting to see viral posts about workers stories getting fired which is why articles like these see the light of day. I fortunately have never been on a PIP but I feel that it could lead to burnout & making it nearly impossible to ever take off time.

My thoughts on this issue is that the companies & individual employees need to take more reasonability.

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By: Trent Dressel
Title: Is It Common To Get Fired At Tech Companies
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