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Prospecting Tips and Techniques for Blowning Up Your Pipeline (B2B sales)

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The key sales activity that separates the average reps, from the high performing reps, from the superstar salespeople is consistent prospecting. People will tell you that it’s not an appropriate time to be prospecting bc every is on holidays, people will tell you don’t waste your time bc everyone is out of office working temptingly, the reps who repeat those phrases or make those excuses are not the people you want to be listening too.

Today through the end of year is best time to prospect bc majority of reps make excuses as to why it’s not a good time to prospects. Prospecting is a way of life, it’s an actively that must be done during the good times & the bad times. The efforts you put in today will yield results 3-4 weeks from now. If you hope to have a prosperous 2022, now is the time to kick it into high gear.

Let’s review some of the top sales secrets to prospecting. The purpose of prospecting is to fill up your pipeline with qualified opportunities so that you can close more revenue, this is the secret to superstars consistent performance, the healthier your pipeline, the better your performance will be.

Pro sales tip number 1: identity what a winning day looks like & hold yourself to it, for example, I don’t sit down until I prospect 5 net new contacts and add them to my sequence.

Generating warmth / targeting top accounts.

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By: Trent Dressel
Title: Prospecting Tips and Techniques to Blow Up Your Pipeline (B2B Sales)
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