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The true cost of career success

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→Hundreds Laid Off Over Zoom

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If you are watching this video right now you are probably more driven than most. I wanted to talk to you about my journey going all in on following my obsessions and the true cost of success.

For the past 3.5 years I have given all my time & energy to my software sales career. I was able to grow my income to over $200k annually and simultaneously build this YouTube channel to the point where it generates $800 per month with no products or courses. I’m not here to sell you anything but I do want to offer up my vulnerability so that you can decide if this path is for you.

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No matter who you are or where you come from, we all have 24 hours in a day. I choose to spend my time obsessed with reaching my goals, which include always hitting my quota, promoting up the corporate ladder, providing value to an audience with this YouTube channel, & running a marathon.

Desires require sacrifice. I feel that in order to be as successful as possible I must sacrifice aspects of my life, predominately a social life & leisure time.

Starting with social life, I feel like I live in solidarity because I live alone and work as an individual contributor which feels like a lone wolf. I really should get out more but honestly don’t know where to start. Sometimes it gets lonely but I try to focus on how grateful I should be for having the opportunity to follow my dreams.

Leisure time has been easier to sacrifice as I can accept not watching TV or playing videos games as I would rather be making content that helps people and impacts their lives positively.

I feel as a 26 year old single guy that I would regret not giving my success every ounce of my time & energy so that I can maximize my potential.

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By: Trent Dressel
Title: The True Cost Of Career Success
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